Intelligent, playful and curious, the African wild dog is above all, caring — pups eat first and the whole pack cares for the sick, elderly and injured. It’s why they’re one of the many stars of an innovative conservation project powered by citizen science.

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Welcome to the African Carnivore Wildbook

We’re bringing breakthrough technology to the conservation world. By applying machine learning and computer vision to photos taken by travellers like you, we’re delivering valuable data with more breadth and depth than conservationists have ever had before, enabling more rapid and data-driven conservation action to protect these valuable and iconic creatures.

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Have recent pictures of lions, leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyaenas, or African wild dogs you’d like to contribute?

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You + ACW = citizen science

"I think everybody who’s got a love for wildlife deep down wants, in some way, to be a wildlife biologist. People, particularly those visiting protected areas, are more and more aware of responsible tourism and their impact on the environment, and they want to give back to something that gives them so much. Citizen science provides that opportunity. People can upload photos and GPS data for the animals they love to a system used for beneficial research. It’s a great way to contribute, and they really do get to be a wildlife biologist."

Dr. Kelly Anne Marnewick

Department of Nature Conservation
Tshwane University of Technology
Pretoria, South Africa
2019 Chair, IUCN African Lion Working Group
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