Our Work

To conserve any species, first you have to locate its members, and then you have to count them! That’s a tall order on a continent the size of Africa, especially when dealing with animals that are incredibly difficult to find. But that's where citizen science and technology can help.

Your Impact

When you share a personal photo of an African carnivore with ACW, you're adding another piece to an extremely complex puzzle, and you're helping scientists document the life stories of animals in ways never before possible.

Using your images and the technology in ACW, scientists can now map out which specific animals were seen where, when, and with whom, over lifetimes and across generations, and they can delve into the impact and influence each of these predator guild species has on each other, across borders, and across time.

Understanding inter- and intra-species behaviour is critical to saving not only animals, but also the environments in which they live. By sharing your images with ACW, your contribution to conservation is amplified exponentially.

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Help protect these animals and their habitat.